Our goal is to make the unique familiar and the familiar unique.  ”

— DebO

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Favorite Blue/DebO

Deb Ohlinger is a singer/songwriter from Covington, Ky.  After graduating with a BFA in 1986, she pursued a career in painting. Eventually, she gravitated towards music as her chosen medium, after she was casually  invited to "sit in" with musician friends. Instantly inspired, she was fronting her own bands within  a few years and performing on a regular basis. After some time,  she became intrigued with the songwriting process for its similar qualities to the visual arts. Utilizing the  same elements considered in painting, such as,  volume, line, contrast, form, weight and movement... among countless other terms...provided her with all the familiar tools for writing great tunes.Following her efforts, she met up with my husband, Rick Hayes, who with his knowledge and experience, brought the songs to a new level. Watch for the announcement of another CD due out in 2018.

Favorite Blue is an eclectic collection of songs that pulls influences from various time periods and styles in American music. Truly Americana, it's a cross country trip in a time machine.  Enjoy the ride!

Lyn Hayes



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